Die Cutter & Processing Station / Table Saw / Lathe

New Ergonomic Model Processing Station - 3 cutting modes: table saw, plunge cut, and side cut.

Designed for ultimate efficiency and to complete all model processing procedures in one location. The Monotrac Diamond Die Cutter and Processing Station features an adjustable height motorized diamond blade for quick, accurate die sectioning. The blue tabletop flips up instantly so then can be used lathe-style for side cutting of models.

The convenient vacuum port located at the front of the station incorporates a built-in inverted air blaster that instantly removes dust and debris from the model die matrix cone holes. A removable magnetic dust shield with magnifier enhances efficiency and vision during model flash clean up and for bulk trimming dies. The station comes with fittings and adapters for hook up to laboratory vacuum and air pressure.

Note: To maintain accuracy, Monotrac models must be dried and warm prior to die section. The models are placed in a food dehydrator for 20 minutes and cut while warm using any motorized disk. The model is immediately air blasted to completely remove any fine dust that has collected within the retention cone holes of the model sections. This will ensure a perfect re-seat back onto the Monotrac base.

This saw and the dehydrator are part of the Monotrac Full System.  Checkout the $250 discount offered on the Full System Complete Kit.