Refund and Returns Policy

Returns/Refunds/Cancellation Information

Used Consumable Items Policy

Most of the products that Monotrac sells are considered to be consumable and as such are not returnable once used.  If you have any questions regarding which products are considered consumable, please contact our customer service personnel at (888) 942-9494 prior to placing an order.  This Consumable Item Policy includes parts/pieces of tools that once used are no longer sellable to another customer, including saw blades and similar items.  See Tool Warranty and Return Policy below for more details.

Return/Refund Policy

The Monotrac Returns/Refunds Policy covers all situations where the purchaser wishes to return products for store credit or for a refund for any reason other than a mistake made by Monotrac or defective products which are covered in the section titled Our Guarantee.  All Monotrac products not excluded by the Used Consumable Items Policy are returnable for a full refund within 90 days of the day they were delivered by a shipping carrier or picked up from a Monotrac Articulation place of business or officially licensed Monotrac reseller.  Products returned after 90 days from date of delivery or pickup are eligible to be returned for a full refund less a 20% restocking fee.  Original shipping costs are not refundable.  All shipping or other costs incurred while returning product(s) not covered under the terms of Our Guarantee are the responsibility of the party returning the product(s).

All Refunds will be issued in the same manner as original payment was made.  

To request a return or refund, you may (1) utilize the returns function on our website found in My Account - Orders, (2) send an email with all applicable information including your name, address, phone number, order number, quantity and type of products being returned, and the reasons for return and include any pictures or documentation you have that will help expedite our inquiry, or (3) call us during our business hours at 888-942-9494.

Our Guarantee

Monotrac Articulation guarantees that all products manufactured or sold by our company shall be free of any defect that prevents the safe and effective use of the product for its intended purpose.  Products deemed to be defective at the time of purchase will be replaced at no cost to the purchaser.  Monotrac reserves the right to require photographic or video evidence of the defects claimed by the purchaser and/or the return of the defective product(s) prior to, simultaneous to, or following the shipment of replacement product(s) or the issuance of a refund. In cases where return of the defective product(s) is a condition of the replacement or refund, a prepaid shipping label will be provided by Monotrac via email to the original purchaser's email address.  Monotrac will not reimburse a party for return shipping through any other method unless prior arrangements are made with our customer service team.

Any product used improperly or for a purpose other than that for which it was intended are exempt from Our Guarantee and are not eligible for replacement or refund.  Any product that is physically damaged by any party other than Monotrac Articulation are not eligible for return or refund.  Products damaged in shipping are the responsibility of the carrier in possession of the products at the time of the damage.  If you believe a package to be damaged when you recieve it, you must refuse delivery of the package or work directly with the carrier to resolve the situation.  Please contact a Monotrac customer service agent if there is any way we can help you resolve a dispute with a shipping carrier where our products were damaged in transit.

Tool Warranty and Return Policy

Tools purchased from Monotrac are warranteed against manufacturer defect by Monotrac for a period of one year after the date of delivery or pickup from a Monotrac Articulation location or from an officially authorized Monotrac reseller.  Any tool used improperly or for a purpose other than that for which it was intended is exempt from Warranty return, repair, or replacement.  Any tool damaged by misuse or neglect is not eligible for this Warranty.  Any consumable parts or pieces sold with a tool or as part of a tool are not eligible for return or refund.

In plain language:  If a saw is purchased with saw blades and the saw fails during the warranty period, the saw will be repaired or replaced or the cost of the saw will be refunded by Monotrac (at our discretion), but the saw blades will not be replaced, may not be returned, and the cost of them will not be refunded.  If the saw is returned for a refund under Warranty, the cost of the blade will be deducted from the refund price if it has been used. Saw blades (or other consumable product associated with a tool) that are unused may be returned for a refund under our standard "Return/Refund Policy" or under "Our Guarantee" if it is appears to be defective at the time of purchase.  Once a saw blade or similar consumable item is used in any way for any length of time, it is not returnable or eligible for a refund for any reason.

Cancellation Policy

Monotrac Articulation ships almost all products from their location in Midvale, UT, USA.  As such, all orders placed on our site may be cancelled at no charge before 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on the day they are placed or the next regular business day.  Cancellations after the products have shipped are subject to the standard Return/Refund Policy.