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Dental labs today face constant changes in technology and increasing overseas competition. CAD/CAM technology aims to reduce direct labor cost yet foreign labor remains cheaper. Finding and implementing practical tools of efficiency, accuracy and simplicity into our laboratories to stay competitive and cost effective can be especially tricky when investing in new technology or change.

When it comes to model, die and articulation “cost effective, efficient and accurate” are the essence of Monotrac — offering more capability, options, accuracy and efficiency than any other model system out there. The integrated articulator, with pinless cone matrix model base, allows a single pour “cast-in-place” set-up that is simple and fast while eliminating labor intensive pinning and basing procedures. Monotrac dies are easily removed and reseat with solid stable precision. Even lower anteriors, the thinnest of dies, resist lateral sway. Other key features of the Monotrac are the Flex Arm Hinge allowing natural excursive equilibration. The Plug-in adjustable vertical stops are easy to place and eliminate the need for a metal articulator set up. The Monotrac V2 is full range capable for all model and die needs in the lab. One system covers it all from refractory to section implant models to full round house, it can do it. Because Monotrac does not require stone basing, cross arch and linear secondary base expansion issues are non existent.

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Monotrac Occlu-Tray

This tray provides the most accurate double bite impression attainable. The Occlu-Tray is a reusable stainless steel rigid tray that will not torque or flex thereby eliminating distorted impressions. Mesh is now eliminated with the Occlu-Tray rim design allowing maximum intercuspation or natural centric occlusion to be precisely replicated into the impression. A Monotrac “cast-in-place” set up ensures this accuracy is also replicated to the articulated model. Minimize remake headaches and reduce chair time with precision fitting restorations.

Monotrac Diamond Die Cutter and Processing Station

Designed for ultimate efficiency and to complete all model processing procedures in one location. The Monotrac Diamond Die Cutter and Processing Station features an adjustable height motorized diamond blade for quick, accurate die sectioning. The blue tabletop flips up instantly so it then can be used lathe-style for side cutting of models.

The convenient vacuum port located at the front of the station incorporates a built-in inverted air blaster that instantly removes dust and debris from the model die matrix cone holes.

A removable magnetic dust shield with magnifier enhances efficiency and vision during model flash clean up and for bulk trimming dies. The station comes with fittings and adapters for hook up to laboratory vacuum and air pressure.

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