V2 Full Arch Base / Qty 50

50 Full Arch Bases - (Use 2 of these with a V2H Flex Arm Hinge for a complete Full Arch Articluator)
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50 Monotrac V2 Full Arch Bases

Use individually or create a complete Full Arch Articulator by using two of these bases with a single V2H Flex Arm Hinge.  V2H Flex Arm Hinges are sold separately and simply clip onto the backs of the bases.  For your convenience, the V2H Flex Arm Hinges are shown below in the "Related Products" section.

Watch a YouTube video of this articulator being used from start to finish, or see the instruction sheet in the "Product Files" section below.  Also be sure to familiarize yourself with the V2 stops for adjusting the bite alignment of a complete Full Arch Articulator.

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